Our 2020 Vision: Why Sticks4Soldiers?

by Doug Bailey


The Saint Edward's School Boys Lacrosse Program under my direction has been concentrating on building our high school and middle school programs, and performance.  One measuring stick of our recent success has been our ability to compete within our FHSAA District for Championships, our growing middle and upper school participation and depth, as well as learning to compete at a statewide level on a consistent basis. 

The school year, 2019-2020 marks my fifth year at Saint Edward's School and we, as the SES Lacrosse Family & Friends, have established the upward direction of our program, and expectations for success.  As a coach I also realize that our student-athletes need to understand there is something more grand than measuring success by competing for a championship as a team, and as an individual competing in lacrosse.

I chose the Florida Stick4Soldiers Event  as a way to focus on a disabled veteran and his/her family, close in age to our own upper school players' ages, who has sacrificed for our team and individual privileges here in the United States of America, as well as our present SES families' present and future opportunities.  By focusing on the sacrifice of others for our own rights and privileges, our focus will be on what we can accomplish for the family who has sacrificed for us!  

Gaining this measure of success takes on a much deeper sense of purpose for us this season, expanding to include helping a family succeed here in Florida, that has given so much for us!

This year as a constant reminder of this Florida family's sacrifice for us and our bigger purpose in life, we wear Sticks4Soldiers Performance Shooting Shirts to honor Saint Edward's School Boys Lacrosse participation in the Florida Sticks4Soldiers Event under our game uniforms all season. 

It is my hope that our 2020 Boys Lacrosse School Community will unselfishly raise funds to help this family's need, and our 2020 Boys Lacrosse team will participate in our practices, games and fundraising with the same kind of vigor and sacrifice that this family has endured unselfishly for our continued opportunities here at home, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, the United States of America. 

Want to help champion our 2020 Vision? Click here: https://pledgeit.org/st-edwards-school-2020-sticks-for-soldiers-florida

Championing success both on and off the field of play!